Saturday, March 3, 2012

My new suit

Until very recently, the work I do rarely requires wearing a suit on a regular basis.  As I become a better writer and my reputation within Detroit social media circles grows, I find myself in more situations where I need properly tailored suit.  With somewhat of a heavy heart, I realize my days of being able to go to every meeting in jeans with a t-shirt and sport coat are numbered.

I have a few suits but only one of them has ever fit properly so I end up just wearing one suit everywhere, which isn't a good look when you start having more than one meeting per month that requires better attire.

Since Gumpy took me suit shopping for the first time, I have gone for a few on my own with mixed results.  Finding a good tailor is the difficult part for me, so I was more than a little hesitant to go this time.    

Walking into Sam's Tailor Shop, I could hear Gumpy's voice in the back of my head reminding me of his guide to buying the right suit.  Make sure it is 100% wool, worsted wool if you can because it will last longer.  Make sure the sport coat does not pucker up between your shoulder blades, it is a sign of poor tailoring and lack of attention to your appearance.  A well tailored suit is always a handsome suit, so spend the money to make sure it is tailored correctly.  It is better to be conservative with style and color, this is an investment that should last several years so don't make your suit choice too trendy. 

I walked right over to the suits and Ali, the tailor, starts showing me different looks.  I decisively chose the third suit I looked at, a nice Navy blue with a subtle medium tone blue pin stripe.  We measured for tailoring, I paid and left with my claim ticket to pick up my suit.  

Yesterday I picked up my suit.  It looks great and I couldn't ask for better tailoring.

More importantly, purchasing this suit gave me the chance to replay a few memories of Gumpy in my head.  It gave me a chance to remember just how much he enjoyed exchanging the cowboy boots for dress shoes or a golf shirt for a dress shirt and tie.  I was able to enjoy the memories of the day we spent shopping together and chuckle again at some of the stories he loved telling about his days negotiating contracts for the union. 

I can't wait to buy another suit.